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A Day in the life session-1

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A real moment in every kitchen at some point... beautiful little girl, still in pj's, complete with bed head and sleep in the eye, looking up at Daddy as she helps stir the pancake batter for the first time... Can't you just hear her say, " like dis daddy"?

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Seniors/Head shot

A Day in the life session:

What is it, just what the title says...
I actually spend a real day with your family, capturing all of the litle details of family life.
A day in the life is truly all day, starting the moment your little ones wake up, breakfast to bath time and goodnights. It is a beautiful keepsake of what a day in your life is like at this stage. It shows the real stuff including tears, boogers, temper tantrums along with giggles, snuggles, joy and love. A day in the life is $2,500 and includes everything in the regular session plus a beautiful keepsake album or custom image box complete with your favorite images from the day. A day in the life is a true luxury item.
Why are the ordinary moments just as important to capture as the special events and milestones in life? I will let the attached video link explain .
This video just spoke to me on so many levels, it's long and worth it.
- hint: get tissues

A Day in the life session!

Headshot & Day in the life sessions